Rihanna is gonna make Drake “work work work” for it!
Behind the Awesome –
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Written by Mark Douglas and Doug Larsen
Directed by Mark Douglas
D.P – Andres Cardona
A.D. Doug Larsen
Gaffer – Rossin Wood
Grip – Brad Morse
Editor – Doug Larsen
Hair and Make Up – Lauren Killip
Props and Wardrobe – Cara Alpert

Rihanna – Bobbijo Kitchen
Drake – Dom Howe

White guy – Doug Larsen
White girl at bar- Lisa Solimeo
White girl singer- Paige Grimard

Dance crew:
Richard James
David Hoy
Keisha James
Victor Perez
Tyquan S. Evans
Christian Tiffany Cruz
Kiana Marie Feaster
Kristiana Brooks

Music Produced by EMW Music Group
Rihanna vocals – Tatiana Owens
Drake vocals- Mark Douglas
Mixed/Mastered by Anthony Galindo

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