Everybody is an exploration of the human condition from birth to death and a metaphorical, metaphysical and magical investigation of the body.

Everybody’s born

Everybody cries

Everybody shits

Everybody dies

Conceived in 2012, Everybody is a giant 26.5m human puppet with articulated, detachable and interactive body parts and organs. Ambitious in scope and subject, it is the largest human puppet on the planet and represents the essential humanness of everybody.

Everybody‘s build is experimental; it’s kind of unimaginable, so big and complex but without high-tech design. Its creation is brute, rough, handmade. Everybody is all genders and multi-racial.

Everybody lies down indoors in theatres, outdoors in parks and in open public spaces. In repose, Everybody sleeps, breaths and stirs. Everybody is not just one puppet but a multitude of independent, roaming human body parts and organs; they are characters in their own epic tale of human existence.

Everybody is an immersive experience. Audiences can walk around, sit on, lie against, get inside, and cuddle up to Everybody and all its beautiful body parts. The giant human puppet is viewed in 360 degrees. Everybody, the experience, is a six-hour interactive art installation, or a 90-minute stage show.

The piece begins with the death of the giant human puppet via a brick thrown at Everybody’s head. The head cracks and its brain oozes out. Everybody watches its life flash before its eyes, from birth through life and ultimately death. Everybody’s now independent body parts and organs perform the journey of its life stages. Everybody is in 4 Acts: Everybody’s Born, Everybody Cries, Everybody Shits, Everybody Dies.

Human performers play audience members or passers-by who find themselves transported into, then flung out of, the brain of Everybody. Everybody is made up of: Mouth, Eye, Poo, Foot, Ear, Nose, Brain, Lungs, Baby, Penis, Vagina, Bum, Skin, Heart, Hand, Guts, Breast and Hair. And with guests, Pig and Brick.


Original Creator: Andy Freer

Collaborators/Performers: Andy Freer, Stephane Hisler, Mitch Jones, Lachlan Plain, KT Prescott, Daniell Flood, Erin Hall, Eleanor Lindberg, Aidan Min, Daniele Piodomani, Elin Soderlund, Ruth Twardy, Nick Wilson, Rosalind Hall

Previous collaborators: Marco Cher-Gibard, Roman Tucker, Ryan Williams, Gabriel Bercovich, Joe Blank, Amber Craven, Angie Orrego, Matt Plummer, Phillipe Reynolds, Kerry Scarvelis, Toni Smith