The One and only “South Indian English” video, the original was deleted, great thing i downloaded it for myself, i dont know where this came from, so i decided to upload it for all of you to enjoy 😀

Yes sir,
Post all the letters, today sir
Okey sir,

Hello williams here,
Hallo Mr. Williams, i call you to tell you one important thing,
Important thing? Yes, Tell it now!
Hahahaha, Sorry! I wont disclose my name and adress to you,
Its your wish, now tell me the matter sir,
[Raises Head]I need some money, [Lowers Head]Immediately,
Money? This is not a bank!
I know, are you fully aware of my demands?
What is the motive behind this demand?
Necessity, necessity for money,
I’m not supplying money for necessities!
So, you’re not prepared to give money?
[Nods]Yes, [Shacked head] i’m not,
mmmmm… I’ve reallized that, but is this because you dont have money or else?
[Gansta pose]
Hahaha Villiams….