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The world has always known that Russia is a pretty odd place when it comes to their people. The country itself it beautiful with mountains and incredible landscapes. But it’s hard to tell why things are a bit…different in the mother country. Surely, Russia has gone through its share of political drama and perhaps that has something to do with the odd culture. Whatever your opinion is of Russia, there are parts of the people that can be quite humorous. It seems that the entire country has weird stuff happening, and not just in the bigger cities. Here are some of the strangest things that happen only in Russia.
First of all, wild bears are by no means afraid of humans. In fact, the bears have gotten addicted to the smell of jet fuel, and will even hover helicopters in order to get a whiff. These bears won’t hesitate to approach humans, which is probably where the joke of Russians wrestling bears came from. Both bear and human seem to be exceptional daredevils when it comes to confronting each other. Speaking of daredevils, there is a trend of people, known as “sky walkers” who will scale cranes, towers, and more in order to reach the top, all without a harness or anything to keep them from falling. Often, they will have cameras attached to their heads so they can share their climbs online. Sky walkers insist that they are trained professionals and discourage anyone from trying these climbs at home. About 5 people have fallen from these kind of climbs.
Speaking of cameras, there is a trend among Russians now to have dash cams on their cars. These cameras have prevented insurance fraud and have help solved cases in court. However, these dash cams have also shown that there are some crazy and nutty things that occur in Russia on a daily basis. YouTube channels have been dedicated to the crazy antics that have been found on these dash cams.
Most of us know that Russia is known for their vodka. When the economy was bad, the government would pay their teachers in vodka, which they could sell to local stores, or drink themselves depending on how their school day went. Russians have actually done some pretty innovative and creative things in order to make ends meet during rough times. Hence to why some epic wedding pictures began to surface. Photography is one of the most accessible skills to learn, but many Russians started adding fantasy scenes to their wedding photos in order to mask the fact that they weren’t good at photography. This led to the incredible trend of “Epic Wedding Pics” and there are websites dedicated to these hilarious gems.
Finally, there is also a trend of Russian women who want to look just like Barbie. Take Valeria Lukyanova for example. She has put herself through countless plastic surgeries in order to look like the plastic doll. She recently announced that she plans to survive on a diet that consists of light and air.
Believe it or not, there are more crazy Russian antics in this video, so check it out and get ready to feel more normal.

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